Review: ParCan MK2

Intro The item I will look at here, is the new ParCan MK2 hotend. It is normally a 0.5mm nozzle, but I had him make me one with a 0.3mm hole instead. As some might know, after reading other reviews from me, I like things to be simple. Even when this isn’t the simplest version … Read more

Review: Arcol hot-end

Here we have the Arcol hot-end, this version is equipped with a 0.35mm nozzle. The product got quite a few parts, which the image below will show. It consists of some wooden pieces to build the body of the hot-end, a place to take the pressure of the filament going into the nozzle. PTFE liner … Read more

Review: J-Head Nozzle

The item The item I will look at here, is the J-Head nozzle Mk III-B by Reifsnyderb. At first look, it looks fine, a bit rough on some of the surfaces, but not something that should affect the printed parts. To mount it, you take a plate with a grove in, put the hotend through the X carraige, … Read more