Easy modular home automation


This solution is given as it is, and I can/will not guarantee that it can not be hacked or abused by others. So use your common sense if you put it into use, and let me know if you got some security/stability improvements. 🙂

What is this?

This is a cheap way of making some simple home automation, so far this system can only switch relays/pins on and off, and control PWM channels.

What does make this system so genious?

  • It uses cheap RF modules (4-6£ per set)
  • It can use all arduino versions as receivers (sender does require a version that can interface with Ethernet)
  • It can use cheap pre-assembled relay boards that can handle 230V and are op-to isolated from the controller
  • It is very easy to add additional receivers to the system
  • It is easy to have something like PHP interface with it to control stuff from a website
  • It is free and opensource 🙂

How to use it?

I got the sender and receiver ready, how to I use it?

First you need the sender’s ip.

To turn a pin on, you then call http://sender-ip/_ident-pin-status_

ident is the ident in the receiver you gave it in the top of the sketch

pin is the pin number on the arduino you want to turn on

status is what you want that pin to do, 1 turns a digital pin HIGH and 0 turns it LOW

But I want to use it to control something that just needs an inpulse!

To do that, you add one extra value to it, so it will be http://sender-ip/_ident-pin-pulses-delay_

ident is the ident in the receiver you gave it in the top of the sketch

pulses is how many times you want it to pulse that pin

delay is how long a delay you want between changing the pin


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