Load testing an OnePlus charger

After my previous post with a pretty disappointing result, I decided to try one of my more trusted phone chargers. This one is from my old OnePlus 5 and is made by Salcomp. It is rated to 2100mA, let’s see what the results are…    Test: Passed! These results look a lot better, and staying … Read more

USB power supply test

Today I stumpled upon my Re:load Pro electronic load, and decided it would be fun to control it with some python code. After just a few minutes I got a connection to the electronic load, and could also get readings. A few minutes later I could also set the load it would apply to its … Read more

Is Kickstarter cursed?

Some time ago I backed a project on Kickstarter. It was a 3D printer made by, Billy Zelsnack, and it was looking pretty good. The price was fine, he had set a realistic goal, a limited amount of printers, and a bit aggressive time table. The campaign got funded pretty fast, and he went on to … Read more

Wide angle lenses?

Just for fun, I tried to order two new and different lenses for my Foscam FI8918W ip camera. Stock lens: 2.1mm lens: 1.8mm lens: On the little space I use it, I am not sure if it is worth it, but on camera’s, maybe outdoors, where the range is longer, it might give a lot … Read more

iPhone Panorama

[photonav url=’http://tritek.pw/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/foto.jpg’ mode=’drag360′ popup=’none’ animate=” container_width=’890′ container_height=’800′] Taken close to where I live… (house is even on the picture)

iPhone Jailbreak

I finally wanted to customize my iPhone 4 a bit more, and to do that, I used the redsn0w jailbreak. Here is what I have used: LockInfo This allows me to put various information on the lock-screen, such as weather, mail, notifications, sms, favorites (contacts), and even more through plug-in’s. GridLock Scrollingboard Normally there are only 4 … Read more

iPhone panorama

Decided to try making panorama images with my iPhone, and here is the result [photonav url=’http://tritek.pw/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/panorama-1.jpg’ mode=’drag360′ popup=’colorbox’ animate=’1′ container_width=” container_height=’500′]