The Cheap-O is here, almost!

They are here! Get yours at Original post: Finally the pcb for my version of the Cheap-O hall endstop sensor turned out as I wanted. The two slots are for wire strain relief so the soldering and copper wont get pulled. The first soldered and tested, and works exactly as expected! This is also around the … Read more

Rovio headlight, done right

After seeing many articles on how to make good/stock/awesome/… looking headlights for the WowWee Rovio, without actually looking that great, I decided to have a go at it myself. To make the mount for the leds, I used my 3D printer and printed two parts that could be screwed together and hold the leds in … Read more

Rovio Charger “No slip”

I recently got an Wowwee Rovio, and immediately found the first problem. The problem was when it first time tried to dock, and instead of docking, it ended up almost driving over the dock instead. The problem was that when it was approaching the dock, and the back wheel was hitting the edge of the dock, … Read more