3D printing timelapses

What is it? After having finished my MendelMax2 enough to print with it, I decided to do so, and also make so I can make something I enjoy to watch… Timelapses! First of, what is a timelapse movie? It is basicly just a video running faster than the frames per second it was captured at. … Read more

MM2: Wire management – Part 2

In the last post I was worried about the wiring around the controller getting messy again, as the wires for all the end-stops still had to be added… But as you can see, I did it without really messing anything up! Here the wire for the Y-min end-stop is ready, and just outside the left … Read more

MM2: Wire management – Part 1

Been a while since I worked on my MendelMax 2 last time, and this time it isn’t even a real upgrade, just doing some wiring. There are still some wires missing, but this is usually the place that gets really crowded. So far I like it, but it easily get out of control when wires … Read more

MM2 Upgrade: Bottom Side Panels

One of the things I really like about the MM2, is the box style bottom. What I don’t like about it is that it is open. Luckily there are ways to do something about that pretty easy! πŸ™‚ To close each side of the printer, I cut two panels, and for a little personal touch, … Read more

MM2 Upgrade: Z axis cable carrier

I finally also finished my Z axis cable carrier, this is going to nurse the cables for extruder, X endstop, hot-end, thermistor for hot-end, wires for the ringlight under the carriage, wires for fans, and most likely one or two aux outputs, just for future brain farts. At some point I am most likely also … Read more

MM2 Upgrade: Hidden Z wires

Top So, today I printed some sticks. These sticks has been leading to some debate with some, whether this was smart or not, and honestly… I don’t care… πŸ˜› The sticks are made to slide into the slots in the 20×20 extrusions an MM2 is made of. Inside there are room for 4 wires, 6 … Read more

MM2 Upgrade: Z ends

Today was a productive day, I got a bit of my own stuff done, and more of someone elses stuff done, but anyways…! One of the things I got made for myself was new ends for my Z axis. The original one uses a printed part like this But instead I made these. To do … Read more

MM2 Upgrade: Nozzle light

Ever since my first printer I wanted to have nozzle light on it, but it was not really suited for it, and mounting got a bit awkward. With the MM2 this is something completely different. The simple X carriage, which is made of just one plate, is easy to mount stuff on, and under, and … Read more


OhmEye, send me a gift that I am going to use on my MendelMax2. It was something I knew he would be sending and it was something that made me really excited… What could it be? ….. Stepper drivers! πŸ˜€ These are designed by Kliment for reprapdiscount.com What makes these different than the ones pololu … Read more

MM2 Upgrade: Y axis cable carrier

As many I already know, I am a big fan of cable carriers. This is also a thing that has annoyed me so much with my current prusa, because I haven’t been able to find a good way to put any cable carriers onΒ it, but with this MendelMax2 build I am aiming in that direction … Read more