Automated controller cabinet fan

Version This contain some functions added in the following version, make sure you are on this or newer. Firmware: RepRapFirmware for STM32F4 based Boards 3.3RC2+1_1 (2021-05-13) Intro On my previous printers I always had as many things as possible automated. Fan on the extruder for when the hotend was over a certain temperature, fan to … Read more

Monoprice MP Mini SLA spare parts

Just before Christmas I got my first SLA printer. Being in EU, I found it difficult to actually find spare parts for it. At first I looked at the printer on, but being in EU I ordered it from… It turns out, the EU site does not contain as many spare parts… It … Read more

Accuracy of micro switches

I see a lot of people doing all kinds of upgrades on their 3D printers, but not many are doing one of the simplest things to get better accuracy and repeatability on their micro switches… Let’s have a look where the most common problem is.

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3D printing timelapses

What is it? After having finished my MendelMax2 enough to print with it, I decided to do so, and also make so I can make something I enjoy to watch… Timelapses! First of, what is a timelapse movie? It is basicly just a video running faster than the frames per second it was captured at. … Read more

MM2: Wire management – Part 2

In the last post I was worried about the wiring around the controller getting messy again, as the wires for all the end-stops still had to be added… But as you can see, I did it without really messing anything up! Here the wire for the Y-min end-stop is ready, and just outside the left … Read more

MM2: Wire management – Part 1

Been a while since I worked on my MendelMax 2 last time, and this time it isn’t even a real upgrade, just doing some wiring. There are still some wires missing, but this is usually the place that gets really crowded. So far I like it, but it easily get out of control when wires … Read more

MM2 Upgrade: Bottom Side Panels

One of the things I really like about the MM2, is the box style bottom. What I don’t like about it is that it is open. Luckily there are ways to do something about that pretty easy! 🙂 To close each side of the printer, I cut two panels, and for a little personal touch, … Read more

MM2 Upgrade: Z axis cable carrier

I finally also finished my Z axis cable carrier, this is going to nurse the cables for extruder, X endstop, hot-end, thermistor for hot-end, wires for the ringlight under the carriage, wires for fans, and most likely one or two aux outputs, just for future brain farts. At some point I am most likely also … Read more

MM2 Upgrade: Hidden Z wires

Top So, today I printed some sticks. These sticks has been leading to some debate with some, whether this was smart or not, and honestly… I don’t care… 😛 The sticks are made to slide into the slots in the 20×20 extrusions an MM2 is made of. Inside there are room for 4 wires, 6 … Read more