Temperature controlled fan

For quite a while I had a Spark Core laying around. I never really made anything with it since I found Electric Imp’s more suited or most things I need. Today I just needed something to adjust the PWM duty cycle to a fan, depending on the temperature, and since I already had a Spark … Read more

Spark core, first code…

As you might have noticed from a previous post, I got a Spark Core. I haven’t done much with it yet, but what I have done is to make it able to turn pins high/low, using their web api. This code actually does a bit more than just changing the pins… I made a file … Read more

The Spark Core landed!

First impression This is the box it came in, not just a plain normal boring cardboard box, but one with text and graphics on all sides. Inside we find the Spark Core itself, and a nice visible link telling where to start. Seems to have everything needed to get going… The Spark Core, a breadboard, … Read more