ESP Easy on the Sonoff TH10

It has been a while since my last post, but I haven’t really done any new things, and everything has pretty much just worked as it should. What broke, was my very first Sonoff, which is in the most read post (, and has been put through quite a few experiments and mishaps, one which … Read more

Seeed Studio PCB service

Some time ago Seeed Studio reached out to me, and offered me a set of pcb’s of my own design, so I could review their pcb service. And here we are, after Chinese new year, and our postal service probably delivering my package in my neighbors mailbox, I finally got them. 🙂 The PCB design … Read more

Automated router restarting

Some time ago I posted about my ISP replacing my old fiber modem, with a new one, with a build in router. A quite buggy router, even. I have been calling them a few times, and they are now monitoring the problem, because now it just completely stops, about once daily. Most of the times, … Read more

ITEAD: Smart Socket – WiFi Smart Socket EU Plug – First impressions – And firmware flashing

In a previous post, I had a look at the Sonoff in the “Replacing the ITEAD Sonoff firmware” post, and not long after they released a new and even more handy smart socket, again with a relay inside to switch mains voltage, and a little power supply to power the ESP8266 driving it all. Outside … Read more