Importing BMP into Eagle

With some help from┬áPeter van der Walt, I got some good results importing a BMP into Eagle. Just selecting a BMP and importing it, most often gives a bad and jagged result on the pcb, here is how I did some processing on the image before importing it. First, you need to download and install … Read more

ESP8266-01 node

Soooo… Months ago I started working on ESP8266 based projects. One of them is a simple PCB with a connector for mains voltage in, 100mA fuse on to provide a bit of protection, switching power supply to convert the mains power into 5V DC, a LDO linear 3v3 regulator to bring the 5V down do … Read more

Eagle library

As some might have noticed, I made my own library for Eagle. In this library I got all the components I design myself, and my goal is to get all the parts I use into that, so if anyone finds my site, they will be able to both download the schematic and board files for … Read more