Cool stepper drivers

After seeing quite a few stepper drivers die, I decided to put some cooling on mine, but instead of having the fan running all the time, I made an extra function for it. This new function will turn the fan on when any stepper driver is enabled, and turn the fan back off after a … Read more

Having fun with LED rings and Keypad

These rings was ment for my RepRap 3D printer, but until I got it assembled and working, I could have a bit fun with the rings first. [youtube][/youtube] To make it work, I am using this code. It will fade the ring up and down in different speeds, and also allow for manual control of … Read more

Breadboard DC connector

After multiple times having problems connecting external DC power supplies, I started to solder the connectors onto pin headers in different ways. The most stable solution so far is this. And if it is put in like I did, a little in on the breadboard power rail, the surface of the breadboard help support it.

4×4 Matrix Keyboard Keypad

A while ago i purchased a 4×4 keypad on ebay, and actually forgot everything about it. But today it arrived!!! 🙂 After 30 secs on google I found a library for my Arduino and decided to install it. The way to determine is pretty straight forward. You actually just connect to some pins, and see what happens … Read more

RFM12B 434MHz Radio

I just received a JeeNode with one of these radio’s on board, and then a loose radio to connect with one of my arduino’s. Here is how to connect one to an arduino. D12 D2 – – – – GND D10 D13 D11 – GND 3.3V –

Snail mail notifier project

Initial thoughts Got a new mailbox, and I got the choice of putting a switch on the lid or something longer in. My previous one had a switch on the lid, but this time, I am going for something longer inside. How to sense new mail To trigger when new mail arrives, I ordered 5 of these … Read more

Snail-mail Notifier

After getting all my Prowl stuff to work, I decided to hack into my mailbox notifier. I found a project from make where Matt uses an Arduino and Ethernet shield to make it happen, but instead, I am using the serial communication, and then wrote my own C# application instead. Another difference is that I … Read more