Automated router restarting

Some time ago I posted about my ISP replacing my old fiber modem, with a new one, with a build in router. A quite buggy router, even. I have been calling them a few times, and they are now monitoring the problem, because now it just completely stops, about once daily. Most of the times, … Read more


Today I got my new Ambilight from adafruit. Getting it connected took less than 5 minutes, so I was quickly ready to start looking at how to mount all the LEDs behind my screen. Could use tape… but… Could ziptie it, maybe… Hang it like christmas lights? naaah! Why not 3D print something? Great idea! … Read more

Cool stepper drivers

After seeing quite a few stepper drivers die, I decided to put some cooling on mine, but instead of having the fan running all the time, I made an extra function for it. This new function will turn the fan on when any stepper driver is enabled, and turn the fan back off after a … Read more