Load testing an OnePlus charger

After my previous post with a pretty disappointing result, I decided to try one of my more trusted phone chargers. This one is from my old OnePlus 5 and is made by Salcomp. It is rated to 2100mA, let’s see what the results are…    Test: Passed! These results look a lot better, and staying … Read more

USB power supply test

Today I stumpled upon my Re:load Pro electronic load, and decided it would be fun to control it with some python code. After just a few minutes I got a connection to the electronic load, and could also get readings. A few minutes later I could also set the load it would apply to its … Read more

ESP Easy on the Sonoff TH10

It has been a while since my last post, but I haven’t really done any new things, and everything has pretty much just worked as it should. What broke, was my very first Sonoff, which is in the most read post (http://tritek.pw/2016/05/22/replacing-the-itead-sonoff-firmware/), and has been put through quite a few experiments and mishaps, one which … Read more

Power supply efficiency

The last few weeks I have been working on different projects for industrial robots, and while working on that I came across some genuine power supplies, and then decided to test the efficiency between the genuine and copy.

To test that I use two mains power meters, and use the average between the two (I don’t have a high end meter for that, so using two different brands and models should in theory be more accurate than using just one), and to load them I will use my Re:Load Pro electronic load.

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Seeed Studio PCB service

Some time ago Seeed Studio reached out to me, and offered me a set of pcb’s of my own design, so I could review their pcb service. And here we are, after Chinese new year, and our postal service probably delivering my package in my neighbors mailbox, I finally got them. 🙂 The PCB design … Read more