iDRAC6 No Active LOM fix

After upgrading bios and firmware on my Dell R610 server, iDRAC6 stopped working. Accessing the menu by pressing CTRL-E on boot, was giving me “No Active LOM”, which is indicating it being unable to bind to any of the ports. After searching a bit on google, I found this to be a known problem, with … Read more

When companies get too big…

Almost a month ago I ordered an upgrade of my internet connection’s speed. My old speed was 90/90, and as you can see on the speed test, it delivered that without problems. What caused the problem, was when I got a letter from them, where they now offered 100/100, 250/250, and 500/500 megabit connections. Almost … Read more

New fiber modem with router

Last week my old fiber modem died, and I had to get a new set up. And with a newer device, things should be better made with mistakes from the past, right? … if just it was so. So here are my problems, some that should have been found and fixed long ago in my … Read more

Finding webcams

Axis cameras: /view/view.shtml axis¬† ‘google’ “adding live video to one of your own pages a very easy task with an AXIS 2100 Network Camera” ‘google’ “Live view – / – AXIS” ‘google’ “Your browser has JavaScript turned off.For the user interface to work effectively” ‘google’ indexFrame.html axis ‘google’ “Live web imaging unleashed” ‘google’ Canon cameras: … Read more

After having had around a half year with way too low speed tests with, it finally starts to look right again! My line is a 50/50 mbit, so I don’t complain. ūüôā

About the webcams

Driveway This is a analog 12V PAL camera with nightvision (more or less broken). To make the analog signal to a digital, I am using a¬†Aviosys 9100A, which takes up to 4 analog cameras and streams them through it’s build-in web server. Frontdoor This is also a analog 12V PAL camera with nightvision. And to … Read more

IP-400 Standalone Security Surveillance IP Network Camera with Night Vision

Long ago i¬†purchased¬†two of these cameras… … but I had a problem. The problem was that the camera’s was set to a fixed IP which was And¬†of curse¬†that caused problems when I connected both to the same network, because they were fighting for the same IP. After some searching, I found QTools, a program … Read more

NAT port in Mikrotik

With Mikrotik you have multiple options when you want to nat some external ports to an internal address. You could open winbox and go to IP > Firewall > NAT > Press the + and then put the ports and such in there. or You could go to “New Terminal” and write a line there … Read more

VPN Connector

One thing I have missed for some time in Windows, is the option to¬†automatically¬†connect to a VPN, as soon as access to the internet is created. So to do that, I made my own little program. I call it “VPN Connector”, because all it does, is to activate the defined VPN connection. In this first … Read more