Dell Poweredge R210 II manual fan control

Some weeks ago I got an old Dell Poweredge R210 II server. When I got it it had an E3-1220 V2 cpu in, which worked just fine. However, I needed a bit more processing power, so I swapped in an E3-1230 V2.

While the cpu was working just fine, the cooling for some reason didn’t.

At idle the cpu would be around 35-40c, and the fans running at around 3300 rpm. When the cpu then got loaded, the temperature would start to go up, and the fans would start to ramp up too. So far it sounds pretty normal, but this is also where it ends… When the cpu hit 65c, the fans would throttle down to 3300 rpm again, and there they would stay. I did one test where I let the cpu get very hot, and at 95c the fans were still at 3300 rpm, and I aborted the test.

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Testing Linux hard drive speed

Today I got a battery for the cache on my my HP P410 raid controller. After getting the battery charged, I thought it could be fun to see how fast it could actually write to the raid. And then it hit me… I never actually tested it without the write cache, because without the battery, … Read more

Deleting files with the same name

Recently I replaced my old QNAP nas with a HP ProLiant MicroServer N54L. I then wanted to move everything I had from the QNAP nas to my new HP server, and it all went well, except for a lot of trash files I wanted to get rid of. One of the problems was quite a lot … Read more