C# to iPhone push

Here I will show how to easily make a windows form application in C# and use it to send push messages to an iPhone, using Prowl. First off, the Prowl app is only $2.99, and is only limited to 1000 messages pr. hour (Should be plenty for most, I would go crazy if my phone … Read more

Read serial from an Arduino

Here I will try to explain how I do when I want to read the serial output from one of my Arduino’s. This is in C#, and isn’t for someone who don’t know anything about it. The first I do is to put a label on the form, just to have a place where the … Read more

VPN Connector

One thing I have missed for some time in Windows, is the option to¬†automatically¬†connect to a VPN, as soon as access to the internet is created. So to do that, I made my own little program. I call it “VPN Connector”, because all it does, is to activate the defined VPN connection. In this first … Read more