USB power supply test

Today I stumpled upon my Re:load Pro electronic load, and decided it would be fun to control it with some python code.

After just a few minutes I got a connection to the electronic load, and could also get readings. A few minutes later I could also set the load it would apply to its source… But now what?

In front of me on my desk I had a cheap USB power supply from eBay with 3 usb ports, claiming it would do 3.1A, but would it really? Long ago I tried to use it to power something but it failed, where a 2A power supply from a trusted source easy would power the same thing… So how far off is it really?

To test that I worked a bit more on the python code and added some logging and validation of the returned readings, and here they are…

Just around 700mA, and it drops below the USB 2.0 standard, which state the voltage should be between 5.25 V and 4.4 V

Stay safe, and stay away from this…

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