Unraid: Fixing VM boot order

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In Unraid it is easy to add and run virtual machines, but sometimes something isn’t configured just right, and then you are just seeing a prompt, now what?

If a virtual machine is failing to start, the prompt you will see is probably looking something like this.

This can be caused by it trying to boot from something else than the image you want it to start from, here is how to fix it.

Start by typing exit this sends you into a menu with a few options, we want to go into “Boot Maintenance Manager”, then “Boot Options” and then “Add Boot Option”.

If the image is valid, you should see a volume here. Press enter to open it.

Move through the folders until you reach the grubx64.efi file.

Select it and press enter.

After selecting grubx64.efi, you need to give it a description. My image is just a debian machine, so I call it debian. You must give it a name in the description, or it won’t get added to the list of boot options.

Now you need to Commit Changes and Exit, this saves the boot option and brings you back to the main menu.

Now head into Change Boot Order. Here you can see debian is at the bottom of the list, and we want it at the top. Press enter to modify the order, use the arrow keys to move down to debian, then use the + key to move debian up through the list.

After moving debian to the top of the list, press enter, and go down to Commit Changes and Exit. You can now select continue, and it will boot the image you selected.

Because we added a new boot option, and moved it to the top of the list, next time the VM is rebooted, it will boot into the image again automatically.

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