Garage door opener project – Part 1.1

This is only a short post, didn’t expect to write about this, but it has gotten so easy, it is worth to mention.

And what is it that has become so easy? Ethernet! And making your own cables.

For my garage door project, I use the Siemens LOGO! 8 plc as controller, one of the reasons for that is because it got Ethernet in, and it is easy to control over it. So I don’t have to come up with my own system for sending it commands, and I can just tap into my local network.

One of the things I ran into when going with that approach, is that the cables very fast becomes a big mess, because the length never is just right, so I am going to use just a cat5 cable, and some connectors, and them crimp them together.

I have been a bit hesitant going with that approach, first off because I am color blind, and the brown and green wires are pretty much the came color to me, and sometimes they even swap around. The next problem was, that last time I was putting RJ45 connectors on, it was a real pain in the butt to get them to align up right in the connector, and they would swap around or just not go in properlyt… But things has become a lot easier!!!

Start by removing a good amount of the outer isolation, so you got something to work on.

Unwrap the wires, and straighten them out so it is easy to slide something over them.

And here is where the really great part starts. The RJ45 connectors I got, got this little cool guide with them. All you do, is to put the wires into it one by one, in the right order.

And then you cut the end off.

And all you now need to do, is to push the entire thing into the connector, and crimp it.

And you got yourself a network cable in the length you need!

This made things so much easier for me, and being able to have a long piece of wire to look at, also made it easier for me to see the colors between the wires, and get them in the connector in the right order.

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  1. Good little article…. even better if you would write where you got those smart plugs?? A name and a link would be great 😉👍


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