Garage door opener project – Part 1

For some months, my garage door opener has started to acting more and more weird.

It randomly forgets the calibration for how heavy the door is to open and close, it totally stops responding, or there are random delays from a command is send until it actually starts moving. So as I see it, it is only a matter of time until it does something unexpected, and maybe got the calibration all wrong and fails to stop on an overload. Or that it randomly will close down on my car when I am going in or out of the garage.

So before anything happens, I am going to make a new controller for the garage door opener. The motor and gears are still fine on the one I got, it is only the controller getting more and more strange.

What to do?

What options are there?

I could make my own PCB with relays and a micro controller on… Or I could go industrial… And that is exactly what I am going to do, use industrial components.

For the logic, I am going to use a Siemens LOGO! 8 FS4 PLC, with an expansion module to get some extra in and outputs. To do some simple direction change on the motor, I am using some Finder relays which can handle 8A on each contact set. The motor is going to be driven by a Mean Well 24V 5A power supply, and the PLC and safety will be powered by a Siemens LOGO! power supply.

So what else is missing? Safety!

To make sure nothing is in the door when I want it to close, I need some kind of sensor. I could have went with the normal ones… But I didn’t.

Instead, I bought a set of SICK M4000, which is a light fence used for protection on potentially dangerous machines, this should be sufficient for my garage door, I think.

Besides the light fence, I will also add a current monitor, so I can have the PLC keep an eye on the load too, and stop if it gets overloaded. So what I am currently looking for, is a 4-20mA based sensor for that task.


I already started gathering parts, and experimenting with some layouts to get the best use of the space in the enclosure it will all be mounted in.

I still need the bigger power supply for the motor, and something to pull all the wires in, and a din rail mounted ethernet switch… All this will hopefully arrive during the next week.

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