ITEAD: BN-SZ01 WiFi Round Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light – Part 1 – First impression

In my latest box from ITEAD, I had both a Sonoff 4CH, and one of their led lamps. And in this post I will start by just using the lamp as they intended it to, by controlling it from the eWeLink app.

When I first powered it on, it quickly flashed the led’s on and off, and they seems to be pretty powerful. However, so far I can only say they seems to be pretty powerful, because I just can’t get it to enter the paring state, where I can actually add it to the app.

In the manual it says “Turn off and turn on the LED repeatedly for 5 times until LED enter into breathing state (blinks 3 times and on, repeatedly). The interval can’t be too short or too long.” but after having spend over 30 minutes, trying to get it into that state, I am giving up. Getting to enter the state where it can be paired with the app, should just not be this difficult.

So for now, without opening the case, I can only say it seems to be reasonably well build, the led’s seems to be able to light up a small room, but it is way too difficult to get it added to the app. Even impossible for me to do.

ITEAD is usually very helpful when there are problems with their products, so I will try to send them a mail to see if they got any suggestions to how I should do this.


After getting a mail back from ITEAD I tried again, and once again without success. And I ended up using one of my other Sonoff switches to turn it on and off. 1000ms off, 1000ms on, 5 times, did the trick.

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