Hacking the Mi-Light 6W E27 bulb (Part 2)

Where did the sun go?

So… My plan was to think a bit more about how to do this until tomorrow, but I am not sure what happened… Not long ago the time was 13:30, now it is 21… And it looks like the PCB design for the new controller is done.


Some small changes can still occur, but I doubt any big ones will be made, besides maybe changing the SMD size down from 0806 to 0603, but that would only be in case of me having overlooked something, and I would need to add something which would not fit in.

And as always, I printed it out on paper too.

2016-10-01-20-40-24 2016-10-01-20-40-50

Seems to fit! 🙂


The components used is nothing special, it is a ESP8266-12 module, which is being powered by a AP3211KTR-G1 which will provide the 3v3 needed to power the ESP8266, and then just with some N-Channel mosfets to drive the LED’s.


While designing the PCB I was also thinking about how I wanted to communicate with the bulb, and I think I will continue with MQTT, as I do with most of my ESP8266 projects. And maybe send it some very simple json like this.


This simply turns red, green and blue off, and white on full. The last “f” I would use to make it fade from one setting to another, and in this case 250 milliseconds. If the f parameter is not present, it would just change without any fading.

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