Importing BMP into Eagle

With some help from Peter van der Walt, I got some good results importing a BMP into Eagle.

Just selecting a BMP and importing it, most often gives a bad and jagged result on the pcb, here is how I did some processing on the image before importing it.

First, you need to download and install Gimp.

  • Open the image in Gimp (File > Open)
  • Scale image to 3000px wide (Image > Scale Image, Width 3000px, Interpolation Linear)
  • Set to Indexed (Image > Mode > Indexed, Use black and white (1-bit) palette, Color dithering: Floyd-Steinberg)
  • Save the image as BMP.

In Eagle

  • File > Run ULP > “import-bmp.ulp”
  • Check the box above white.
  • Format: Scaled, Unit: Mil, Scale: 0.25

You might have to play around with the scale a lot until you get the size you want. But going through these steps, it should give you a decent result, that just needs to be scaled to the size you want.

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