When companies get too big…

Almost a month ago I ordered an upgrade of my internet connection’s speed.

My old speed was 90/90, and as you can see on the speed test, it delivered that without problems.

What caused the problem, was when I got a letter from them, where they now offered 100/100, 250/250, and 500/500 megabit connections. Almost two months after I received the letter, I decided to order an upgrade, so I would get the 250/250 megabit.

After that I got a letter saying 17th February 2015, it would get activated. But after a few days, still nothing had happened, so I called them. The reason nothing has happened, was because they had another company handling their hardware, and they first got the order to move my fiber into a new module the 17th. So I had to wait a bit longer.

One week later still nothing had changed, so I called them again. Again I was told they had another company to handle the hardware, and they only visited that central once every week to make changes, and since I was on a 100 megabit module, they had to replace that with a 1 gigabit module. (How they can visit the central once every week, but fail to replace that module in two weeks is still a mystery to me)

I decided to wait another week, and the week after, my internet didn’t work at all. After calling them I was then informed my connection had been cancelled. After a bit talking back and fourth, and having been send around to different people, they finally found someone who could figure out what the problem was, and could re-activate my connection. In the same go he also gave the hardware swap higher priority, and promised it would get upgraded the day after, or the week after.

So here we are, Monday the week after the promise, and they have actually changed something!

However… Now my 90/90 megabit connection, got changed to a 75/75 megabit…

So once again, again, again, I had to call them, and find someone who could figure out what was going on… and finally!


My conclusion, my internet provider has gotten so big they no longer have any idea about what they are doing.

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  1. Gosh darn, where the heck do you live? I’d be happy as a pig in poo if I could get symmetrical internet here that didn’t cost $1000/mo 🙁


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