Vesper rev. 1.1

After a bit of radio silence, I am ready with something new. Which isn’t really new…

It is the next version of my weather station PCB, Vesper rev. 1.1!


Comparing it to the old version, a lot of things has changed, and hopefully that will make it even more reliable than it already is.

One of the biggest problems I had with the first version, was that I got the pin-out on the transistors for the relays wrong, so I had to make them stand up, and then put a jumper-wire on to make the connection right. Another problem was that the silkscreen for all the components were missing, and the 3v3 rail was a bit unstable.

So here is what I changed

  • SD Card connector changed to a better quality.
  • Random Chinese relays replaced with relays from omron.
  • 30 times the capacity in the capacitors on the 3v3 rail.
  • Reverse polarity protection added.
  • Pin-out for transistors corrected.
  • 5V input connector moved.
  • TMP36 sensor got pads a bit closer together.
  • TMP36 sensor got optional pads for a pull-down resistor.
  • Pull-up resistor added for Anemometer.
  • Status led’s moved.
  • New better placement of resistors for led’s and pull-up.
  • Better suited suppression diodes for the relays.
  • Decoupling capacitors move to a more optimal position.
  • Almost all traces moved.
  • Entire board went from 85mm in length to 78.5mm.

Now I need to think about possible changes, and things that could be better, and if I don’t find anything, I will order a batch of these. 🙂

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