Vesper bill of materials

Since I already got a few mails about how much it would cost to make one of my Vesper boards, I have put a list together of the parts needed for it.

Quantity Description Name
2 Relays (HK19F-DC5V-SHG)
3 Terminal blocks 2 pole
1 SD card connector
2 RJ11 connectors
1 Voltage regulator (MCP1702T-3302E/MB)
1 100KΩ resistor R5
4 10kΩ resistors R1, R2, R3, R10
3 1kΩ resistors R7, R8, R9
1 0.1uF capacitor C7
2 1uF capacitors C2, C3
1 100pF (0.1nF) capacitor C1
1 Atmel EEPROM CryptAuthEE SHA256 1Wire
2 1N4148 diodes D1, D2
2 2N3904 NPN Transistor Q1, Q2
1 2 layer PCB
Total $18

Adding to this there are the shipping, but since the parts can be found at various places I am going to just leave it out. Adding what I had to pay in shipping from mouser, also bumped it up by quite a lot.

Another thing to notice is, this is the price for the component of 1 board. Many components are purchased 100 pieces, or more at a time.

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