Mounting of the weather sensors

For the first time in a long time, I got a weekend where I am not hospitalized, not sick, not in pain, not really anything wrong with me, so I can get some of my projects finished.

Yesterday I finished the clamps for holding the pole for the weather sensors done, so today I decided I wanted to mount it on my garage too.

2014-10-11 16.39.24 (Large)

The clamps got a bit scratched from the bit holder on my electric drill, but besides that it looks pretty good. To steer the pole in one axis, I made sure to mount the first clamp level.

2014-10-11 16.44.08 (Large)

Then when mounting the next I checked if it was straight at the other direction too, then used the slightly bend shape of the wood to adjust it to be straight in the second direction.

2014-10-11 16.55.26 (Large)

Now I just need to clean up the wires a bit, and take the old wind speed sensor down when I get the new up and running. But before I get to that point, I need to finish the board that will hold an Electric Imp and the connectors to connect to this weather sensing array.


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