Electric Imp Weather Station final testing

The pcb I designed, along with many of the components on it, is getting so close to being ready, so all I am doing now is looking over the traces again, checking if they are as I like them, and for the first time, I tried to print it out on paper and test how the components fit.

2014-09-21 08.31.16 (Large)


The relays is one of the components I designed, and it seems to fit just fine.

Another component I designed is the SD card holder. This part was a real pain to make, not only was the drawing with all the measurements on a big mess, and with some missing, but it also had parts on it where there should be no copper underneath. And just to make things even worse, this was the first component I ever designed in Eagle.

2014-09-21 14.00.57 (Large)

After a lot of careful looking around and as far under as I could, I think this one is also good, and the board is ready to be made.

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