Electric Imp Weather Station


A while ago I started a project called Camille, it is a breakout board for an Electric Imp 001 and contains relays and other outputs. My Camille project is a bit on hold since I am not entirely sure what I want to do with it yet, or how I want it to be. Instead I started a new project, Vesper!


Vesper is a breakout board that will easily connect an Electric Imp 001 to the Sparkfun Weather Meter assembly. All you need to do is to plug the two RJ11 connectors into Vesper, connect it to a 5V power supply, do the obligatory Electric Imp blink-up, program the Electric Imp from the website, and you are ready to go. (source code for this will be released after I got boards assembled and tested everything)


To get some data out of the Electric Imp, that is also easy to use with other languages, I decided to use JSON, and so far it looks like this.

    [weatherstation] => Array
            [raingauge] => Array
                    [today] => 0
                    [dur1440min] => 0

            [windvane] => Array
                    [dir] => NW
                    [deg] => 315
                    [raw] => 56717

            [anemometer] => Array
                    [ms] => 0
                    [kmh] => 0
                    [desc] => Calm


    [voltage] => 3.269
    [temperature] => 24.0594
    [light] => 38777
    [rssi] => -46
    [online] => 1
    [lastping] => 0

Almost done

Not even am I almost done writing strange things, I am also almost done with the board! 😀

As you see, the only thing missing are the terminals for the relays, and the board should be ready for its first little batch to see if everything is as it should be. So far it all seems to work on a breadboard, but I could have overlooked something on the actual board.

Smile to the photographer!


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