Camille first version?

As always I have been a bit silent about progress on one of my projects, but I have been working!

The first version of Camille had four relays, one mosfet output, and one optional mosfet output that could be changed between relay or mosfet. Those are gone…

This version will have four relay outputs, one temperature sensor as before, and a 4 pin connector for fans with build-in pwm control.


Another quite-bit change is that this no longer uses the april board, and this is no longer just an adapter that sits in between the april board and the relay board. This will have a sd connector on, the transistors needed to drive the opto’s on the relay board, two voltage regulators to bring the 12V down to 3V3, and also the id chip needed for the Electric Imp.

As you can see in the silk screen, the Impee will sit so it is inside the board, this is so the box it will be in can be as small as possible, but it also means it wont be easy to replace the Impee. I could have moved the connector a bit up, so the Impee would stick out over the edge, and then there could be a hole in the case where it could poke out off too, but for the places I intend to put mine, I would not like to have more open holes than needed in the box, and my experience is that once it works, you don’t really need to take it out again. Since re-programming it is all done from a browser you don’t need to touch it at all if you want to update anything.

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