MM2: Wire management – Part 1

Been a while since I worked on my MendelMax 2 last time, and this time it isn’t even a real upgrade, just doing some wiring.

There are still some wires missing, but this is usually the place that gets really crowded. So far I like it, but it easily get out of control when wires for heaters, endstops and thermistors are added too.

2013-11-15 23.03.02 (Large)

To the right of the controller the cable carrier with the wires from the heated bed is mounted. The two red wires which goes to the heater element needs to be extended just a bit to reach the connector at the end of the controller. I also might put it into the cable clip right at the base of the cable carrier but it might not be possible after the wires for extruder also goes through.

2013-11-15 23.26.09 (Large)

To the left the wires for the stepper motors goes to the back of the printer, and to the right the 24V comes from the power supply and goes up to the controller.

2013-11-15 23.16.48 (Large)

I got the wires for one of the Z motors a bit too long, so I need to shorten them up a bit, but that will have to wait until I am done with the wiring.

2013-11-15 23.16.16 (Large)

With the back plate back on, the usb cable also clears everything and is the perfect length.

2013-11-15 23.02.32 (Large)

Next task is to finish the wiring for the hotend, cooling fan(s) on the X carriage, wiring for extruder motor and endstops.

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