MM2 Upgrade: Nozzle light

Ever since my first printer I wanted to have nozzle light on it, but it was not really suited for it, and mounting got a bit awkward. With the MM2 this is something completely different.

The simple X carriage, which is made of just one plate, is easy to mount stuff on, and under, and with the open source design files for the MM2 design, it was also easy to design a pcb in the same size that would fit under the carriage.

The light will be provided by 20 SMD 0805 leds with a warm white color. If the calculation is correct, that should give 2W of light.


The pcb is supposed to be mounted right under the X carriage, and just held in place by the same bolts holding the extruder on.

ringLightBrd IMG_20130715_105923



I was worried that there would be something wrong with the pcb’s, even when they are so simple… But when they arrived that turned into pure excitement! I think the pictures will tell why…

2013-07-25 18.04.57 (Large) 2013-07-25 18.07.07 (Large) 2013-07-25 18.35.04 (Large) 2013-07-25 18.44.31 (Large)

This is close to perfect! Even when the PCB is big, and with so few parts on… It does what it should, nothing else (yet)… It fits perfectly under the X Carriage on the MendelMax 2, and the amount of light seems perfect too. My choice on the warm white leds was also the right in my opinion. It would be very easy to just use some other colors and calculate the resistor for those, but this warm white is really pleasant for the eyes.

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