My start and end G-Codes

Since my last post about my start and end G-Codes Slic3r has been updated, I found some ways of doing things I like better, so here my current are. 🙂


M106 S0 ; Make sure fan is stopped
M104 S0 ;Cancel the M104 set by Slic3r
M140 S[first_layer_bed_temperature] ;Start heating the bed up
M104 S100 ;Start heating the nozzle to something non-plastic-melting while it homes
G00 X-200 F10000
G00 Y-200 F10000
G00 Z-100 F10000
G28 X Y; home x and y
M84 ;Disable all steppers
G28 Z; home z
G0 Z3
M84 ;Disable all steppers
M84 S30 ;Set stepper timeout to 30 seconds
M104 S100 ;Set hotend temp to something that wont melt the plastic
M190 S[first_layer_bed_temperature] ;Set bed temperature and wait
M109 S[first_layer_temperature] ;Set hotend temperature and wait
G91 ;Make coordinates relative
G01 E5 F60 ;Extrude 5mm
G92 E0 ;Reset extruder position
G90 ;Use absolute coordinates again


M140 S0	;Turn heated bed off
M104 S0	;Turn nozzle heat off
G91 ;Make coordinates relative
G0 Z2 E-2 ;Move up 2mm and retract extuder 2mm
G90 ;Use absolute coordinates again
G01 X100 Y200 F15000 ;Go to dump area
M84 ;Disable steppers so they dont get hot during idling...

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