OhmEye, send me a gift that I am going to use on my MendelMax2. It was something I knew he would be sending and it was something that made me really excited…

What could it be? …..

Stepper drivers! šŸ˜€

IMG_20130615_144945 IMG_20130615_145036

These are designed by Kliment for

What makes these different than the ones pololu made, is that these got the hardware fix needed already done. This is needed for them to be drop-in replacements for the previousĀ A4988/A4983 based drivers.


As you can see, another improvement is also the copper is extended from underneath the chip and out where a heat-sink can be put on, instead of slapping it on top of the chip, where the chip is not designed to be cooled from.


A little problem with the heat-sinks provided though… They are a bit too big.


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