MM2 Upgrade: Y axis cable carrier

As many I already know, I am a big fan of cable carriers.

This is also a thing that has annoyed me so much with my current prusa, because I haven’t been able to find a good way to put any cable carriers on it, but with this MendelMax2 build I am aiming in that direction from the beginning!

The first axis I am going to do this on is the Y axis. (Notice, my rail is not the one from the complete kit, so yours might look different)

To attach one end of the cable carrier to the axis I simply found a good place to drill the holes. The place you want to find is somewhere where the axis can move from minimum to maximum, with the shortest cable carrier possible, and without it getting in the way for anything. To do that you want to do it like this.

2013-04-06 15.09.03 (Large)

With the first end mounted like this, it will be able to go out over one edge of the printer without hitting anything. At the same time it can also go to the opposite extreme end without hitting anything, because the cable carrier is so short it will just curl up and get out of the way.

The next step is to get the wires through, this is done by simply drilling a hole and pulling the wires through, after that it gets more difficult because now it’s time to get the wires through the cable carrier itself.

2013-04-06 15.09.08 (Large)

If you look closely at mine you will notice mine is the completely closed type. This type is a lot harder to get the wires through because you can’t just put them in from one side which you can from the half closed type.

Now with the wires through we are ready to find the position where the opposite end should be fastened. To find this position you simply move the axis from one extreme end to the other a few times where you just hold the lose end with your fingers, then mark the spot where it looks right.

2013-04-06 15.10.23 (Large) 2013-04-06 15.10.29 (Large) 2013-04-06 15.09.57 (Large) 2013-04-06 15.09.49 (Large)

My printer is going to have a bottom where both the power supply, controller, step-down and so on will be securely mounted, so this end of the cable carrier will be mounted to that too.

At last you might be thinking why going through all this trouble, just for some wires… Well, there are a few reasons. Not only does it look much more clean than wires just hanging off, it also makes sure the wires only go where you want them to go. They will never get caught on anything, or get too close to some eventual hot parts you want them to avoid. But there is an even bigger advantage of these, and that is the wear on the cable. When you got a cable hanging free between two points, the wear is most often a lot higher near the two ends of the wire, that is where it will wiggle back and forth with the rest of the cable just hanging in the same arc. With a cable carrier you will spread the wear out to more of the cable and you will also be sure the radius it is bent in is never too small and could damage the cable.

Update, just to give an idea of how picky I am with this build.

2013-04-06 18.00.33 (Large)

In the earlier photo you can see the two wires for the heater is crossing on the way through the hole, that annoyed me so much I took it apart again just to straighten them, and to do that I also had to twist the two wires all the way through the cable carrier, just so they would lay parallel there too without twisting around each other.

At the bottom of the printer it will then be bolted to the floor plate which also holds the power supply, controller, and step-down converter.


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  1. Wow! Great design and nice pictures, I really like that design.
    Is there a maybe any chance that you would like to share the cable carrier as an .STL or equivalent?


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