End stop tests

I have been working on some hall end-stop sensors, which detects if a magnet is present or not.

Yesterday the first got assembled and I did a bit of testing to see if they repeatably could trigger at the same position, and here is the result. (the movement is a bit different because these need Z to lift a bit higher to be released, and I didn’t set the firmware to lift high enough, but touching Z=0 is still the same)


and when I had the setup ready, I also did a test of the widely used, and most cheap option, the mechanical end stop sensors.


As you see, the mechanical end stop is close to spot on every time, and only a few times got triggered about 0.005mm above the target.

And the hall sensor is also well within acceptable tolerances, it only varied +/- 0.005mm from the target, so a total of 0.01mm variation, that is well within what is usable.

To test the sensors I used this setup. It is a linear dial indicator where each line represents 0.01mm

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