J-Head MK-V and MK-III B

I received a J-Head MK-V with a 0.35mm orifice, which will (hopefully) replace my old MK-III B.


The new MK-V is a bit shorter, got grooves milled into the PEEK to allow heat to get out easier and away from the PTFE liner inside.


I got high hopes for this, and the MK-V can thank it’s older brother for this.

As you see, this looks very used with the leaking, dirty kapton tape, and still a bit of pla sticking out of the orifice.

It still performs great, and the print quality is still the same as when I first got it. It is the hotend that has printed the most hours by far without problems, it survived a firmware bug where the heat was not turned off when it should have been. And it also survived my newbie days with colissions with the bed and so on.


Let’s see if this new one does it just as well!

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