Pancake stepper motors

A few days ago I received some motors from and some of them was these flat nema17 stepper motors.

As you can see on the label, they are only 0.48A, compared to 1.6A which many other nema17 got.

Because of the little size and low amperage, they don’t have that much torque and holding power either, but using it for Z on my 3D printer should not be a problem.

To try something new I decided to try some PTFE tube from ebay, with an internal diameter of 4mm, to connect the threaded rod to the motor.

So far they are only held together by friction from the 1mm expansion of the tube from when they were pressed on, let’s see how long it lasts like that!

The look of these steppers for Z is so much better, from the printed part and to the top of the motor there is only 8mm, so it makes it look a lot more simple and slick.

For the first time, I also got all four bolts in the motor, not that they are really needed, since gravity does a pretty good job at pulling the X assembly down, but I like when things are bolted together properly.

The reason I never had all the bolts in before, is that with the coupling I used before, there was no room to allow the threaded rod to wobble from side to side, so with the bolts in it was affecting Z alignment and made perimeters on the printed parts uneven.

But with this PTFE tube, the rods can wiggle around, and the tube will just bend so the smooth rods can do the steering without arguing with the threaded rod about how straight it should be lifted.


And here how to show how well it works. Or at least try to show how well…

5 thoughts on “Pancake stepper motors”

    • Somewhere between bad and only just working.

      The problem is I had to turn the current up so high, the motors got so hot they made the plastic mountings deform, and turning the current down made them skip pretty much all steps. But that is only on 12V, I havent tested them on 24V, so on that they might perform better.


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