Slic3r 0.8.3

A few days ago Slic3r 0.8.3 was released.

One of the new things in it was the ability to make extra perimeters if it detected the next layer´s perimeters would be in free air.

To test this new improvement, I decided to print the pink panther lady from thingiverse, it is well known to have the perimeters fall down over her breasts if printed hollow, and same over her shoulders.

Here it is, printed with 0.8.3. I used a 0.5mm nozzle, 0.3mm layer height, 3% infill, and I would call this a success!

Here is the same settings and same model (with the bottom part cut off to save plastic) used, but with Slic3r 0.8.2 instead

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