Managing your gcode files with Slic3r 0.6.0

Slic3r 0.6.0 was recently released, with some new and very useful functions in.

One of the functions is one that allow you to put some variables into the output file name.

To make an output file that makes sense for me, I use this:


this will make the file name look something like this:


It starts with the file name of the stl that was sliced. After that I put abs in, because this is the configuration I use for printing ABS plastic. The next is the layer height the stl was sliced at, followed by the speed of infill. I chose to only have infill speed in, as it is the one I adjust the other speeds after and will give the best overall speed.

After the speed I have the fill density in, because when I print the first test thing, I often have density turned down, and will then later turn it up again for the actual part that is going to be used.

In the end of the file name I have X and Y, these are mostly here because I often forget to set it back to 1×1, and also because I often print some small parts where I print multiple on the same plate.

Does this not make sense to you? Fear not! There are many other options you can put in instead. See them all here:

What is your favorite setting? Post a comment below!

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