Home Automation – The interface V0.01

One of the things most of my projects always lack, is a easy and slick looking interface. But not this time!

To control my home automation system, I first used an app called HttpRemotes for my iPhone, but pretty fast ran into problems.

The app itself worked as it should, but was too limited to  my ever expanding bag, full of ideas. So instead I had a look at how to make iPhone web apps, and to make things even easier, I found a package called iWebKit, where most of the work is done, just modify it to what you want to have on the different pages, and you are ready to go!

The first thing that meets me when I access the web app, is this page. Here I can select the room I want to control something in.

On the next page, there are a list of switches and buttons… Or so there would be, if I had more things hooked up to the node in the garage.



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