The possessed prusa strikes again again!

A little time ago I got a new hot-end, this time from makergear.


Putting it together was quite easy, and was also easy to get working… until I actually wanted to use it.

At this point the curse take over, and made the leg of the thermistor snap, and somehow touch 12V, and send it back into the arduino’s analog pin, destroying that pin and making the entire chip unstable and randomly reset.


After putting a new controller on, fixing the thermistor, and wrapping everything it can touch on capton tape, it was time to try again! This time nothing could go wrong, because everything has been taped down, and isolated even more, checked, double checked, and then checked again… Ready to go!


And oooh yes! IT PRINTS!



New problem… This time the wooden piece holding the hotend in the extruder broke…


Why was I stupid enough to believe it would work this time?

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