Arcol hot-end continued

Here it is, almost two weeks since it broke, and one week after I wrote an email to arcol about the problem.

The hot-end is still broken, and he still haven’t replied to my mail, so I must assume I am on my own to get it to work again.

Looks like a waste of money, as it is more expensive than other hot-ends, and apparently have some problems, and the seller not care about it breaking way earlier (after 15 minutes) than expected.

Bottom line is, I can NOT recommend buying an arcol hot-end.

Update 30-Oct-2011

A few weeks ago I finally got hold of him through IRC.

Turns out he send the reply to himself, instead of me.

After a bit talking, back and forth about what happened with it, and that I had thrown the remains out, after having them laying for some months waiting for the reply, he offered me the choice between another, or a refund, and gave me some time to think about what I would chose.

Around one week later, I contacted him again, wanting to try another, but apparently he had forgotten most of what we agreed on the first time, and thought he already send me a replacement, but then ended up with the conversation going in another direction about some upcoming products, and then ended up being rejected because of various reasons.

Then approx. one to one and a half week later, I got hold of him again, where we agreed on a refund, so I could buy another again if I wanted. But this time he wanted the parts back, apparently also forgotten that I already had told him I didn’t have the parts any longer. The reason for me throwing them out, was that I had them laying for months, waiting for a reply from him on what to do, which I never got. He then turned it around, making it sound like it was MY problem that I didn’t react on a mail HE send to himself instead of me. So he had the money for the same amount of time, waiting for me to reply, which I couldn’t since he didn’t send it to me.

After that he then no longer wanted to refund for the parts I had thrown out, even when he wanted in the first case. But yes, the parts were in fine condition, and could have been used if I got some spare parts, but with no reply from him, and then no spare parts, the remaining parts were totally useless for me, and after having moved them around for months, I ended up throwing them out, thinking he didn’t want to do anything about it.

Refund ended up being the broken parts, and I then had to pay for the rest, which is okay, if that had been the agreement from the beginning.

So the new bottom line is, if you can live with buying parts from someone who blames you for his mistakes, and expects you to still react on the things you are not told, and end up with something else than you started to agree on. Then fine, go ahead and buy from him. If not, find someone else, there are plenty of others out there with hot-ends there are easier to assemble, with less things that can go wrong, and are cheaper.

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