Two more upgrades

Today I finished some more upgrades for my RepRap Prusa printer…

Motor mount

New motor mount for the Y axis stepper motor!

and with my bearing sleeves mounted

The mount is made in aluminium, and the motor is then bolted onto it with 4 bolts, with a plastic spacer between.

Print bed

And the lower part of my print bed, which holds the linear bearings in place, and the heated print bed will then later be mounted on the springs.

All bearings are bolted to the 3mm stainless steel place with M5 bolts.

So far…

This is how it is…

Print bed is only laying loose on there, and end-stops are still missing, plus I need to come up with a solution to how to mount the controller securely somewhere.

Special tool

This tool is for pressing the sleeves onto the bearings

Bearing sleeve test


Pressing sleeves onto the bearings


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