iPhone Jailbreak

I finally wanted to customize my iPhone 4 a bit more, and to do that, I used the redsn0w jailbreak.

Here is what I have used:


This allows me to put various information on the lock-screen, such as weather, mail, notifications, sms, favorites (contacts), and even more through plug-in’s.



Normally there are only 4 icons available in the dock, but with Scrollingboard you can get up to eight, plus it even allows you to have pages there too, so it can be up to eight icons pr page.

Scollingboard also allows you to bypass the normal 12 icon limit inside each folder, and it will then add scrolling inside the folder when going over the 12 icons.


With this it is easy to change the carrier name, in the top left corner, to something you want instead.


This adds effects to flipping between pages. On the photo I have caught all the icons flying out of the screen to make room for the new ones, who is on their way to fly in at the same time.


Might be one of the most usefull things I got installed. With it I have made so on the lock-screen I can double-tab the clock, and the XBMC remote app will then be launched.

When on the springboard, with the icon’s visible, holding down the home button enables/disables VPN. Swiping the status bar brings a menu down where you can toggle even more stuff on and off.

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