Printer Power supply

For my 3D printer I needed a good power supply, but didn’t want to buy a new one to keep the expenses down.

I tried multiple computer power supplies but they were all too smart and kept shutting down.

Instead I remembered a good power supply I was using for the car radio I got in my garage.

Model# Input Voltage Output Voltage Dimensions Output Fuse Rating Weight
SEC-1223CE 230 VAC, 50Hz 13.8 VDC 7.0 x 8.25 x 2.2 23 Amps 6.3A 4 lbs

hmm, this should do. 🙂 So I went out to get it.

Oh my… 4 years in a garage left some nasty rust marks on the cover, hopefully the internals are still good…

… and they were! Everything on the inside is still as new, so this will be perfect for my printer! 🙂

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