IP-400 Standalone Security Surveillance IP Network Camera with Night Vision

Long ago i purchased two of these cameras…

… but I had a problem.

The problem was that the camera’s was set to a fixed IP which was And of curse that caused problems when I connected both to the same network, because they were fighting for the same IP. After some searching, I found QTools, a program that could get the camera’s info, and also set new… And then I had a new problem, because the 36.00 firmware did no longer work with QTools, and therefor it was again not possible to assign it to a new IP.

After a lot of messing around with the camera and the programs, I gave up and then only used one camera and kept the other in a drawer, until now… After a bit time on google, I found a new program “Search tool for IP camera” the description didn’t really say what it could, but what the hell, worst thing that could happen was that it gave me another error, so I tried it…

And it can change the ip! The program is a bit strange, but it works!

To change the IP on a camera:

  1. Press Find (If the list is empty)
  2. Edit where it says IP:
  3. Press Apply to save the configuration on the computer
  4. Press Update to upload the configuration to the camera
  5. Press Find and check if the camera got it’s new IP.

Download the program here.

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