Seeeduino Mega

Extra headers

Soldering the extra headers onto a Seeeduino Mega

I always start with the inner row, and then solder one in each end. That way I can adjust it if needed, and make sure it is fitting tight to the board.

After checking and adjusting it, I solder all the remaining pins.

After that I just work my way out, repeating the procedure from before until all headers are on.

And here it is, ready to use. 🙂

What I think of the Seeeduino Mega compared to the Arduino Mega


  • Small size
  • Switch for manual/auto reset
  • Switch for 3.3V and 5V
  • Switch for external or USB power
  • Reset button placed so it can be reached with shields on
  • Low usb connection so it won’t touch the bottom of the shields
  • Extra row of holes for pinheaders, alligned so they will fit to a breadboard


  • The connector for external power

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