Beginning of my RepRap project

I have for a long time been looking at those fancy 3D printers, but there were a lot of different variants, and also a lot of different prices.

Prices from my point of view, goes from expensive to very expensive, depending on how much you can and will do on your own. 😉 The cheapest way would be to build a repstrap, a 3D made as primitive as possible. That printer can then print the parts for the real reprap printer.

But I didn’t want to build a repstrap first, so I bought a few sets of the real stuff.

After looking around a lot, I finally found something very promising looking. It was a plastic set from RedWizard 3D, and same place I also found a good looking set of metal parts. After a good nights sleep, I also decided to order a motor set with Nema17 stepper motors in.


All I am waiting for now, is the parts to arrive. 🙂 And when they do, I should be able to put the frame together, and add the motors. Things missing is then the hotend where the plastic filament will be melted and laid onto the bed, and the microcontroller to control everything, the stepper motor drivers to drive the motors, and then a power supply.

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