Rovio Charger “No slip”

I recently got an Wowwee Rovio, and immediately found the first problem. The problem was when it first time tried to dock, and instead of docking, it ended up almost driving over the dock instead.

The problem was that when it was approaching the dock, and the back wheel was hitting the edge of the dock, it pushed the dock over the floor, instead of driving up in the dock. The dock itself got a few small pads to prevent it from slipping, but clearly that isn’t enough.

So what I got here, is my easy and cheap fix to that problem. 🙂

The unmodified version that will slide around on the floor.

The items needed, or actually, you won’t even need the double sided tape, but I prefer to make sure that at least one of the objects are held to the anti slip mat.

These are the back small mats that should prevent the charger dock from sliding, but they can’t hold it.

To make it easier for the new mat to get as close as possible to the plastic, I am removing the old pads.

On the front there are tree pads too, not really working either, but I am not going to remove those.

To attach the anti slip mat to the charger, I am using the double sided tape, and uses tree stripes of the tape on the front, to make sure that the outside of the mat stays exactly where I want it.

Here it is loosely rolled out, still with the protection over the tape, and just checking to see if it can cover the entire underside of the dock.

The size is perfect! 🙂

To cut it to shape, I simply used a sharp scissor, and cut all the way around on the outside, a few mm in so the mat won’t be visible.

I added an extra piece of tape on the top right corner.

And here it is! Close to invisible and just working. 🙂

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