Post Danmark – Track And Trace

Another service I miss from the Danish postal service, is a way to get notified when there are new information about one of your packages.

So what I made here, is a little system that checks the current status of each package, and then sends a push message to my phone about the latest event.

In the left picture you see the message about something new happend (The “Pakke” text will be custom later so you can give the package a recognizable name). And in the right you see three separate packages, where you will be taken to the postal service’s website if you tab on one of them, where it will show you the entire route.

My system automatically checks for new happenings every 30th minute, so updates will be almost instant. (The postal service is often 2-3 hours behind updating the track and trace information anyways)

Within a few weeks this system will be merged with my other push message system, and it will then be easy to put the T&T numbers in, and then just wait for any info to arrive on it.


Sneak peek in the new system

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